individually developed for the needs
of children and young people

Interventions are structured to provide speech and language therapy, positive behaviour management, stress management and parental support programmes

Examples of interventions available based upon assessment of need:

Assessments carried out by the Sound Thinking Team will inform recommended interventions. These interventions may take the form of individual work or therapy and/or tailored programmes, these include:

• Study skills for children and young people with Dyslexia / specific learning difficulties
• Improving attainment in literacy and numeracy
• Developing thinking skills (reasoning, working memory, perception)
• Speech Therapy programmes (speech articulation and dysfluency)
• Language Therapy programmes (expressive and receptive)
• Social Use of Language Programmes (social stories, social interaction, social skills training, circle of friends)
• Developing a communication enabled environment
• Positive approaches to behaviour management based on understanding children's development and emotional and linguistic needs (Intensive Interaction, Emotional Literacy and Anger Management)
• Stress management and school phobia /anxiety programmes
• Parental support programme for behaviour management; promoting self esteem and confidence in their children

#Your knowledge and skills have helped all the staff and me to ensure that we have a better understanding of our SEN children's needs and how best to meet them.#

For more information please contact the Sound Thinking Team on 01935 862329

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